Craft crazy child + art student = Craft Club!

Written by Tracey Blake

The best bit about coming home on Wednesdays from a tough day at work is seeing what quirky craft idea Minnie (6) and her Student Nanny Louise (an Art Foundation student at Bucks New University) have come up with. Tonight it was wind chimes for the garden – made from spiralised and coloured-in plastic bottles. Look how pretty they are!

Why not give it a try!

You’ll need: a scalpel (best for an adult to do the cutting as it’s fiddly); three plastic bottles; some Sharpie pens for colouring

Remove the bottle lids and colour in the bottles – vertical stripes will create a dramatic effect when the bottle is spiralised (Sharpie pens work well as the colour doesn’t rub off). Wait for the ink to dry.

File_000 (3)File_000 (5)File_000 (4) File_003 (1)

Get your scalpel (be careful!) and make a cut just beneath the neck of the bottle (where it widens out to a cylinder shape), continue the same cut round and round til you reach about an inch short of the bottom of the bottle.


Find a pole and thread your bottles on through the necks. Or suspend your creations from tree branches in your garden. Admire!