A craft delivery, Kew Gardens, a Student Nanny and the jigsaw technique that’s getting us through half term!

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Thanks to eBay we’ve been celebrating #craftterm this week with a lovely Grafix Big Box of Craft that kept the kids entertained for a whole afternoon, playing with the pipe cleaners and going off piste with their own creations. 

It’s certainly a lot cheaper to spend £8 on a craft kit than head out for the day (considering a visit to Kew Gardens for Friday but what with travel and entry it’ll be more like £50 plus!). 

I suspect we’ll go for it though and today we have our Student Nanny in charge who has plans for baking and more craft activities – this jigsaw technique of a little bit of everything is always my strategy for school holidays. It gives the children some much needed chill-time at home, as well as some new experiences!

This is our llama plate attempt – and the one we were trying to copy! 😂 #gift