A crafty Christmas idea for anyone with Lego mad kids! (that’ll be everyone then!)

Written by A Guest Blogger

I’ve made a lovely friend on Instagram called Laura Newby (aka @mjs_mumma do give her a follow) and she recently posted a brilliant frame she’d made for her son MJ featuring all of his favourite Lego mini figures. I thought it was such a good idea (and a great Christmas pressie) that I asked her to write a guest post for me revealing how to do it. Over to Laura…

La La Lego!

When I had a child, no one warned me that there would be a distinct chance that my life would, in addition to all the enriching things, become full of amongst other things, Lego. No one briefed me that it would become a distinct possibility, whilst watching my Son’s enthusiasm for the little plastic Danish yellow people, that I too would become quite enamoured with them. Particularly Minifigures.

I part attribute my fascination with all things mini-figure to my best friend Jo. We have bonded through our boy’s love of each other, and luckily on a play-date what now feels like years ago, discovered we are kindred Mum-spirits. I now count her as one of my closest friends and a fierce ally.  We signed up to become Legoland Annual Pass members at the same time and our friendship reached new levels when we were in the gift shop one day, more interested in mini-figure packets than our own boys were. We have also indulged in this activity in the John Lewis toy section, as well as supermarkets and well known stationers. Ahem.

We have definitely NOT researched at length how best to find the figures you are looking for by feel on the web, and shared it on What’s app messages. Not us.

In the past six years, I have chanced upon may a pinterest page for storage of children’s toys and Lego, and wanted to try storing these rather well thought out collections in a nicer way, than just watching them disappear into the bottom of the Lego toy box. My son and I watched a few YouTube videos of how people store their collection and it gave me an idea. I thought I could put them in a frame to hang on the wall in my son’s room. Handy I thought.  It would keep the dust out and makes a nice feature for him.

So….. for the how….


  • In one Lego storage YouTube video, I saw some small square non Lego branded backing plates.  I managed to source these on Amazon and ordered. They came in a pack of 24 – so more than enough for the task in hand.


  • They fit perfectly inside the IKEA square RIBBA box frame. I chose white, but there are various colours to choose from.


  • You will need to stick the plate to the mount in the frame. You can measure it up and make sure it sits in the middle. I used my gluegun to attach it. You could use double sided tape if you are feeling really Blue Peter.


  • I then set about arranging the figures on the plate. This is no mean feat. User – take your time with this, as you need to arrange them into an order that looks vaguely symmetrical and fits them in.  Also it is impossible to get all 16 figures from a set on one plate, so I split and arrange them over two. There are always some that have awkward parts, like a sword or a funny shaped hat. You might need to alter them around a bit to get it right. Persevere – it’s worth it.  I took me a whole Archers Omnibus (the one with Helen’s trial) to get this right for all mine, so I wouldn’t say this is a fun do together type task with your kids. Not if you are a bit OCD with symmetry like I am anyway. I did this when he was in bed and presented them to him the next morning to give the seal of approval on.


  • Once situated on the plate, you can put into your frame. They fit nicely in the box frame as there is plenty of room between the glass and the figures themselves even if they’re wearing big hats (I’m looking at you awkward Mariachi man with giant Mexican hat!)


  • At this point – we get serious. You will need to get out your Kragle (Superglue for those not familiar with The Lego Film) if you don’t want the little “extra” pieces to fall off  or move out of place when you re-assemble the frame.  I have a little Hobby Craft glue gun and I used this to stick things on. If you use a glue gun rather than actual superglue, you will find it quite easy to peal it off the plates and rearrange should you need to.
  • It is worth it – they looked really nice in the frame when I put it up on the wall. Happy child – happy Mum.As Neil Buchanan used to say “Try it yourself!”

    by Laura Newby – an average full-time working Mum to son Jude, aged (almost) six.