Baby London :- London’s Flexible Working Hubs
Posted on 05.10.2017

Of course crèches and nurseries don’t work for everyone. And it’s good to know for older children, the options for flexible childcare don’t disintegrate when they start school. Student Nannies is an innovative network, which links registered students who can provide childcare and even homework help, with parents who need flexible care.

Set up by newspaper features editor Tracey Blake in response to her own situation, she explains: “I needed something from 3.30pm until 7.30pm when I got home and the existing offerings were too rigid and I didn’t want to waste money on booking a whole day of childcare.”

Tracey explains how by using two or three local nannies, a fully flexible childcare can be achieved. “They really get to know the children. Student nannies can help with homework or bake cakes. One of ours made a giant advent calendar with the kids. On some days – when the children are tired, they can relax and watch TV in their own house. In turn, the nannies get paid more than they would doing a bad bar job or a zero hours contract”.

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Baby London :- London’s Flexible Working Hubs