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  • Our Student Nanny is an artist
    He plays piano so my son can practice his singing

    I needed a babysitter for my birthday and through Student Nannies we found Harriet to look after our daughters aged 12 and 10 – they loved her and so did we! She immediately connected with our girls by discussing their common interests, she’s very arty and [...]

  • Student Nannies is great!
    She's a huge part of our lives

    Student nannies is fantastic for students! It’s so flexible you can easily find jobs that work for you and meet some lovely families.

  • I’m in love with Student Nannies!
    Fast and simple to use

    I’ve fallen in love with Student Nannies. We needed someone who’d support our kids in growing their confidence in their bilingualism, while also taking care of them. Our French Student Nanny Laurie-Anne is kind and understanding, dependable and flexible. [...]

  • Student Nannies fits so well!
    A lovely family, flexible hours, close to where I live

    It fits so well with my skills and experience – and my course! I really enjoy spending time with children, playing games, teaching them new skills and inspiring their creativity. In the future I want to be a teacher and so working with children and young people [...]

  • We’ve found a great Student Nanny
    Her availability exactly matched our needs!

    Perfect to find an after-school nanny for only a few days per week. Thanks to we have finally found a great nanny whose availability exactly matched our needs and who lives nearby.

  • Thank you so much for this platform
    I've taken charge of my future!

    It’s nice to be able to take charge of your future and the fact you are helping students is so encouraging.

  • I’ve found a lovely family 30 seconds away from me!
    A great platform for students

    I have found a lovely family that live just 30 seconds away from me. My Student Nanny role is super flexible so can fit in with my timetable. This is a great platform for students to find some hours of work to support their studies. Thanks!

  • I found a wonderful nanny on your site
    We needed someone to travel with us

    ‘I was looking for a temp nanny for a two-week period over the Summer and I did find a wonderful one on your site. I have recommended Student Nannies to others as well as I did find it very helpful.’

  • We found a Student Nanny – she’s great!
    I'd recommend Student Nannies to other parents looking for high quality childcare

    ‘Finding good quality childcare when you can only commit to a few hours a day is notoriously difficult. So I am delighted to have found a fantastic after school nanny using the Student Nannies website. The experience finding someone was fast and easy – I [...]

  • ‘Rosie has seamlessly fitted into our family’
    It's been so great, I'll continue to use the agency til my girls are all at secondary school

    I’d had really bad experiences in the past with childcare and even though I was just about managing to work freelance and juggling children, I knew that I needed help so my career wouldn’t suffer. I was really nervous about having to train someone new and the [...]

  • ‘The site worked brilliantly for us’
    Charming, articulate, motivated young people

    After registering, we immediately had several interested students – charming, articulate and motivated young people – and now have two part-time Student Nannies who are the best that we have ever had. We hope in return that we can help them through their [...]

  • I’ve caught the ‘nanny bug’
    It allows you to work around your university timetable

    ‘Ever since being a primary school teacher in my gap year I’ve caught the ‘nanny bug’. As a student it allows you to work around your university schedule as well as develop amazing attributes for the future – like responsibility and time [...]

  • It’s really awesome!
    I found ad hoc work that fits around my studies

    ‘I felt really comfortable using the site – my safety is important – it’s a very family-oriented business and it feels like a community.’

  • We found a school-holiday Student Nanny
    The nanny is wonderful!

    ‘I think you have found a real need in the market. I will promote your services! The nanny is wonderful! Your business model is fantastic. I wish you every success.’

  • I’m training as a classical singer at the Conservatoire of Music in Greenwich
    A music student with pre-school experience

     ‘I think Student Nannies is great! I’ve got a family for next term so I’m really pleased!’

  • What could be better than a midwife babysitter?
    We love Georgia she's so fab!

    Georgia always arrives with a sparkling smile even after a shift at the hospital where she is training to be a midwife (the same hospital where our daughter was born!) and we feel so confident leaving our baby daughter in her care – what could be better than a [...]

All Student Nannies are background checked and interviewed by mums or teachers