Fancy a game of Summer holiday bingo?! How many of these can you tick off?

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Between us at Student Nannies’ HQ we are busy ticking off obligatory Summer holiday rituals – here’s our check list so far….
Our children all got hair wraps at the beach. We will have the inevitable dilemma when it’s back to school time about whether we have to remove them or not.
In further accessory news – holiday jewellery is officially a thing. Our lot loved wearing a marching  ‘holiday gang’ bracelet!
We have buried our children in the sand up to their necks – we can’t think of anything worse but they seem to love it and frankly, it’s a rite of passage on the beach! Older ones have moved onto ‘mermaid tales’ – piles of sand shaped into a tale covering their legs!
Holiday diets – our kids have eaten a LOT of chips (sounds better when you say ‘patatas fritas’) and about three ice creams a day. That’s what holidays are all about, right?!
Getting the surf bug – adults and kids alike have been body boarding in the waves and staying in for hours to ‘catch one more good one’.
We are dreaming about having a little bolt hole in our various holiday destinations, having looked longingly in the estate agent windows when we were there. Sadly it’s back to reality!!