Go-kart birthday party inspiration….

Written by admin

On Saturday Minnie and Monty were invited to such a fab 6th birthday party, I thought I’d share it with you in case it gave you inspiration for your child’s next bash! The parents hired an inflatable track from  Go-kart party  which was put up in our local community hall, and came with three staff to help organise the (very excited!) children.

There were only four go-karts but the kids enjoyed cheering their friends on from the side, and their faces when they were speeding round the track were brilliant – the girls were just as into it as the boys.

Even Monty (3) was allowed a go – one of the team just sat on the side of his kart to help with steering and foot pedals. At the end the children all got medals and certificates and the winner (there were four heats of four, then the four winners of those had a final race) got a cup. Luckily it was the birthday girl who won!

Then they sat down to car-themed food. Check out the race track-themed birthday cake complete with Oreo tyres (found and copied from You Tube), the chocolate rolls with Smartie wheels and gingerbread men drivers (bought from the supermarket and assembled) and traffic light biscuits.

Now if someone could give me similar inspiration for the Batman party that Monty wants, that would be very helpful (cue frantic Amazon ordering)!