How It Works

How It Works

1. Sign in for free using your Facebook account or email address, and create a basic profile. You’ll instantly see local students looking for nannying work and parents seeking help with childcare in your area.

2. Want to make contact with potential matches? Parents and students can upgrade to VIP Membership to send messages to possible matches and be really proactive in their search. VIP Membership is just £10 a year for students while parents pay a monthly subscription of £15.

3. Here’s the really clever bit – our smart search goes way beyond simple location matches. Parents can search for students studying the subject their child loves or needs extra help with.
Meanwhile, students can search for parents by profession, so they can link with a mentor with experience or contacts in the industry they want to break into.

4. When you have interviewed a Student Nanny you want to hire, or met a family you’d like to work with, you negotiate hourly rates and terms of employment directly with them. We recommend that parents pay students a reasonable wage that reflects babysitting fees in their area. This is will be higher than the minimum wage but we’ve included the (rather shocking!) figures below so you have a starting point in mind. As another rough guideline, usually babysitting rates are about £7-£9 an hour, going up as high as £12 an hour in some areas.

5. And that’s it. Student Nannies does not charge a commission and there are no hidden costs – we just want to help you discover a support network that you may previously not have been able to tap into. The Student Nannies ethos is all about building relationships and helping each other.