Mail Online, 24 May 2016
Posted on 26.05.2016

A smart childcare solution for working parents… yes really!

Regular readers will know about my panics over childcare during the school holidays (seven weeks off in Summer – now that’s a challenge!), our school-pick up dramas and the juggling act that is being a parent and having a career.

So this gave me an idea, which I’ve been beavering away on with a few fellow parent friends for the past year. And now I can tell you the exciting news that is up and running! It’s your local student childcare network, linking up parents with smart, like-minded students. Parents can find a student studying a subject their child loves (our Wednesday Student Nanny is Louise, a lovely art foundation student who does craft club with Minnie every week!), parents pay them a reasonable wage and also offer career mentoring, helping them with contacts or internships. Our mission is to create a community of parents and students who can help each other out. Oh, and did I mention that sign up is free?

Here’s a sneak peak of the home page but I’d be cock-a-hoop if you’d click on the link, have a good look around, watch the video of me and some lovely guinea pigs explaining the idea (me, not the creatures!) and sign up as a member – it’s FREE! It would be even more fabulous if you could please tell your friends about it.

We’re busy spreading the word on social media to get parents and students signing up to near to you, but we are a new business so it may take a while to build a functioning community of parents and students in your area. Do get in touch by messaging me here or via the website or the Student Nannies Facebook page if you want us to have a marketing blitz in your locale!

I really hope that you like the site and want to join our gang… thanks for looking

Mail Online, 24 May 2016