Meet your #mumtribe

Written by Student Nannies

There’s an epidemic of mum loneliness out there so we’ve got some exciting news – we’ve partnered with MeetOtherMums  a national friendship matching site for mums of all ages at all stages. It’s free to join and your profile automatically matches you with mums in your local area, helping you make new mum friends! The site is also jam-packed full of parenting blogs, chat forums, social events and groups.

To tell you a bit more about it in a guest post, we’ll hand over to its inspiring founder Sally Oddy…

‘The idea for MeetOtherMums started brewing when my husband and I were deciding whether to start trying for a baby and the existing support sites were for mums only, so I felt a bit excluded and didn’t really know where to turn for advice and support from other women like me.

‘As my journey developed, with failed IVF and a very early miscarriage, I started to understand how tough it can be for new mums to create the support networks they really need, especially in those early days but also for mums with older kids whose friends may have drifted away. Making friends as grown-ups isn’t that easy!

‘I had the seed of the idea to create a national support network for mums, no matter who you were or where you were in your ‘mumming’ journey, and from there I developed what MeetOtherMums has grown to be today.  I may never get to be a mum myself but I take a lot of pride and pleasure in helping other mums in whatever way I can – I wanted to create a business with a conscience, that did some good in the world.

‘One mum in particular had recently moved to a new area and was suffering from postnatal depression (PND), she joined the site and quickly connected with some other mums in her local area and they all got together soon after. They still get together on a regular basis and that mum emailed to let us know that MeetOtherMums had been a lifeline to her and was helping her cope with PND, knowing she wasn’t alone and building a support network really does help.

This is a great example of how mums find their Mum Tribe.  It’s a really easy way to meet and get to know mums local to you so you can build your support network.

‘The blogs are also fantastic company for the times when you can’t get out of the house.  I’m so fortunate to be able to share the stories of so many wonderful mummy bloggers like Rhyming With Wine, Mum Muddling Through and 3 Little Buttons (to name just a few!) and they are all so honest, funny and insightful, reading their posts every day is like a tonic for me!

‘Not being a mum myself is often a bit of a challenge because I know that I will never truly be on the inside, I’ll never really know what it is to be a mum, but reading honest and heartfelt pregnancy and birth story blogs has given me a tiny glimpse into what it would be like!

‘We’re a one-stop support site for everything a mum could need – friends, laughs, support, chat, advice, finding services, getting social – everything under one cyber roof and we’d love the parent members at Student Nannies to pop in for a virtual cuppa and say hi!’