Metro : Ready, set, start-up!
Posted on 13.01.2018

Tracey Blake gave up her media career to set up Here’s what she’s learned

Find the flex

Think you’re going to have time for lunch-time yoga sessions and the odd sneaky afternoon kip? No way! I am probably working more hours than ever but they are on my terms so I can work flexibly to suit my schedule.

There’s lots of support out there

Worried about not having business experience? There’s lots of free help available. I bagged free Excel training through my local authority, plus Student Nannies is part of Entrepreneurial Spark, a free accelerator programme run by NatWest – we get the use of an office in London, a mentor, access to experts, plus a gang of supportive fellow entrepreneurs to hang out with.

Learn the lingo

Phrases like ‘doing a sprint’ (clue, it doesn’t involve running); a first seed round (nothing to do with gardening) and acronyms like ROI (not a new grime star but Return On Investment) will become part of your vernacular and the more confidently you can bandy them around, the more of a biz whiz you will appear.

It really is like Dragons’ Den

Every Tuesday I go to ‘Pitch Club’ where I give my 60-second elevator pitch to a roomful of entrepreneurs and take constructive criticism afterwards. I’ve also been in ‘piranha pits’, where you are ripped apart by experts who go over your business finding faults. You’ll get used to getting out of your comfort zone but will learn to trust your gut!


There will be moments when it all feels too much: keep the faith in spite of the inevitable hairpin bends and roadblocks. That’s what makes it an exhilarating journey. picked Student Nannies as one of the seven most inspirational female-founded start-ups of 2017.

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Metro : Ready, set, start-up!