METRO :- Students enlisted to solve childcare crisis
Posted on 06.03.2017

Pay and play: Student Chloe Wells, 21, with her charges Monty, 4, and Minnie, 7

A GROUP of parents are hoping to raise a ‘student army’ to tackle Britain’s mounting childcare crisis.

They have set up a website that connects mums and dads with young people in higher education who can spare time during the working week.

‘There are more than 2million students at higher education institutions and if just one per cent signed up it could help more than 20,000 families with their childcare,’ said co-founder James Pinniger.

The idea for came when an art student helping Mr Pinniger and his wife with their two children moved on, prompting them to start a search for a replacement.

More than 1,000 parents and students have signed up so far as families across the country struggle with a shortage of childcare places.

The site recommends that parents ask students if they have had a Disclosure and Barring Service check to show they are safe to work with children. It can also arrange for enhanced checks. Mr Pinniger said: ‘Our students can work flexibly to help parents with after school care, babysitting and school holiday cover. By networking with professional parents students can gain career contacts.’

Geography student Chloe Wells, 21, who looks after Mr Pinniger’s children Minnie, seven, and Monty, four, said it was ‘the perfect way of earning a bit more’. She said: ‘I never leave without a big smile after spending time with the children.’

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METRO :- Students enlisted to solve childcare crisis