Minnie and Monty test out the Crayola Marker Maker set #Christmasinspo

Written by Tracey Blake

Lucky Minnie got some lovely pressies for her seventh birthday but one that kept them entertained for a good hour recently was the Crayola Marker Maker set. It’s just as you’d expect, the children get to make their own Crayola pens.
It’s very clever – you pick a shade from the colour chart, it tells you how much of each primary colour (red, yellow and blue – remember your old school art lessons?!) to mix up to get the tone you want.
Admittedly this was a bit nerve shredding with Monty who was squirting the very intense colours into a small tube but it was good maths practice, and they loved the ‘danger’ of it! You then pop a white ‘filter’ in that sucks up all the colour, using tongs (more excitement) then transfer it over to another station to attach a nib and pop the pen case around it. Push down on a lever to click it altogether (Monty’s favourite bit) and your pen is ready. It even comes with Crayola stickers to pop on the pens and a box to store them in and we also loved the emoji nibs too. Minnie has been having lots of fun with her ‘paw print’ one!
I’d really recommend this set – great birthday or Christmas gift. Come back soon as we’re reviewing lots of toys on here to try and help you with the Christmas shopping stress (although we’re sorry, we can’t get hold of any Hatchimals to review, they’ve sold out everywhere!).
Crayola Marker Maker, £16.99 from Amazon