More great tips for First Years from StudentWise…

Written by Tracey Blake


Be a good housemate…

Do not set the fire alarm off at 4am by cooking yourself a nice pizza after a night out to settle the vodka in you. It will come back on you in the form of horrible revenge taken by the person who had a 9am lecture the next day!

Generally, just be nice and do your bit. Most of the time it doesn’t matter if your apartment isn’t immaculate – most won’t care, but don’t be the one to leave your washing up in the sink for so long it starts growing new life-forms.

Adopt a similar take with how you treat your roommates. You may get on, if so then great, but if you don’t, remember that you have to live with them and them, you. Make it comfortable for each other and don’t be quick to make enemies. You might need them to pick you up off of the kitchen floor in the middle of the night when you decided that was the comfiest place to sleep. Admittedly though, it is on rare occasions.

Keep up a good diet and exercise

It’s a pretty simple must-do to think about, but in reality when you first move out it is harder than it seems. There’s tons of tips on StudentWise for how to cook well on a student budget and how to keep up an inexpensive exercise regime. Your health is the most important thing, look after it.


Don’t neglect your work

It can be easy to be swept up in the magic that is Fresher’s year. That is: knowing you have work to do, but deciding you’ll be totally fine if you go for a drink or six. Make sure you back up all your work onto an external hard drive, too many student lives have been crushed by the disappearance of a whole unit’s work. Organise and prioritise your studies. Keep a calendar or a diary and don’t skip lectures – the one you skip is ALWAYS the one that the PowerPoint doesn’t get put up online. I don’t know why, it just is.  If you’re struggling to get up for your 9am lecture, make sure you get a good morning routine in place. 20 mins exercise, a pint of water, good breakfast and a nice shower will make you feel so much better than four cups of coffee and a hangover. 


Keep in touch with your family and friends back home, but try not to visit too soon

It can be shamefully easy to get swept up in all the new friends you’re making and all the new things you’re doing, but your parents probably want to hear about it. They’re excited for you but don’t want to be cut out. Remember, too, that even though you’re making loads of new friends now, after a year that number will be whittled right down. Keep in touch with the friends back home you kept closest, they’ll be the ones to help you through anything when you need it.


Find a job if you can

If you can balance it with your work load and social life, find a job. It’s going to prevent you from making the tough decision at the end of the term as to whether you should buy yourself food to eat or a crate of beer. Tip: It’s the beer.  is a new website that provides a good place to start looking – you babysit for local professional families and it offers flexible hours, loads of fun, a great wage and the chance to connect with people who can help with career contacts and mentoring. If that’s not your cup-of-tea though – there’s plenty of help on finding a job on StudentWise How to Find a Job. Don’t forget our CV and interview tips, too!

Good luck with your new amazing venture! It really will be the best time of your life!

For more information on any of the above, take a look at StudentWise. We’ve got tons of articles specifically for students on helping you get through life’s issues.

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