Panicking about decorating a potato as your child’s favourite book character for World Book Day? We bring you some ideas to pinch!!

Written by Tracey Blake

Anyone else spent the weekend covered in paint, panic ordering felt and googly eyes from Amazon and dealing with tantrums when your child’s ‘artistic vision’ doesn’t quite measure up with the reality of turning a potato into a favourite book character? Much as we love the ethos behind #WorldBookDay it’s the last thing us busy parents need at the weekend!!

It’s one of those challenges that sounds much easier in theory than it is in reality. For example, this is Monty’s version of George from George’s Marvellous Medicine, which my friend Nicole said looked like Donald Trump!!

Frankly in hindsight I am now thinking that fancy dress was a much easier option even though that used to stress me out!

But my very clever pal Sarah told me she had searched for potatoes as book characters on Google images first in order to get inspiration – no idea why I didn’t think of this before we started on our very botched attempt (actually when I was reading James And The Giant Peach last night it occured to me we could just have painted a potato like a peach!).

But check out these gems!!! I love the Harry Potter one – complete with Hedwig! Good luck people and big shout out to the parents (and Student Nannies!) who are also turning wooden spoons into book characters – when will it end?!

Aliens Love Underpants and we love this spud!
Simple, but effective. Why didn’t I think of this?!
The Three Little Pigs
Paddington – isn’t he sweet?!
A very impressive Mr Bump
A strong attempt at The Gruffalo
If in doubt, add a helpful sign so people know who it’s meant to be!
In awe of this one – and the witty name sign!