Present for the teacher – emergency ideas!

Written by Tracey Blake

School’s nearly out and the Summer holidays are nearly upon us. If, like me, you have totally forgotten to buy your little darling’s teacher a pressie, here are some quick ideas so you can leap into action and have something to present on Thursday… Failing that I think Amazon or John Lewis vouchers are a winner, especially if you are donating as a class!

A posh notebook
Moleskine notebook, £10.95

A novel to read over the holidays (this one’s about a teacher who has an affair with a pupil and bumps into her years later)
This Secret we’re Keeping, by Rebecca Done (book shops, RRP £7.99)

Posh chocs
The Summer Nano Slab Gallery, £10, Hotel Chocolat

A desk accessory
Personalised Best Teacher Pencil Pot, £14,

Boozy sweeties!
Sugarsin Prosecco Gummy Bears, £6.50 at John Lewis

A marvellous mug
Keith Brymer Jones Word ‘Teacher’ Bucket Mug, £10, John Lewis

A nice bottle of red!
Waitorse Malbec £7.99