Red Magazine :- Good Things This Week – Student Nannies
Posted on 22.03.2017

The Motherhood Diaries: The Juggle Is Real

Could students be the solution to our childcare quandary? Student Nannies is an inspired idea, set up by two working parents who hired a local university student to look after their kids over the school holiday. They realised that while the student offered brilliant, energy-filled part time childcare, in return, alongside a pay cheque, they provided career contacts and insights.

Now their website is a meeting place for university goers looking for part time child-minding and working parents who need sporadic help. The pairs are not only matched on geographic location but also career opportunities.

In light of the recent Family & Childcare Trust survey, which revealed that only half of local authorities have enough childcare for parents working full-time and a two-thirds have insufficient after-school childcare for 5 to 11 year olds, Student nannies seems like the answer to a lot of problems. Says co-founder James Pinniger, ‘There are over 2 million students studying at UK higher education institutions – if just 1% of these students signed up to Student Nannies it could help more than 20,000 families with their childcare. By making it easier for parents to hold down demanding jobs we are boosting the economy, and by networking with professional parents through our community, students can gain career contacts, insights and mentors, helping them to kick-start their careers and get into the workplace themselves. With students currently under increasing financial pressure with rising living costs and university fees – we feel it is a real win-win for both parents and students!’


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Red Magazine :- Good Things This Week – Student Nannies