Timely, sad, funny and tear-jerking…our must-see movie this weekend is Nativity on Netflix. We all loved it!

Written by Tracey Blake

We got back from swimming tonight and the usual argument raged about whose turn it was to choose our now traditional Friday evening Netflix movie. Minnie wanted Nativity, Monty wanted Mike The Knight. They were both crying. I was getting a bit cross with all the drama. In the end we tossed a coin because I thought that was the fairest way.

Admittedly I was quite pleased when Minnie won, because Nativity looked pretty good – or at least the sight of Martin Freeman on the front was reassuring, although the 3.5 star rating didn’t back this up.

Still, we went for it. And it was totally brilliant! Obviously the timing is great because most school children are currently rehearsing or performing their nativity plays at the moment (Minnie is an angel with a small solo and Monty is a town’s person and they have three shows next week!) and I love watching things that are of the moment as it gives the children a lot more talking points and they can really identify with it.

But not only is it timely but the cast is a bit of a British comedy who’s who – Martin Freeman is joined by Marc Wootton (hilarious as an off-kilter teaching assistant); Jason Watkins; Ashley Jensen; Pam Ferris; Alan Carr and Ricky Tomlinson. And the script is spot on – enjoyable even for adults (unlike Santa Claws which I cringed all the way through!).

Yes there are a few cheesy moments but it’s funny, sad (Minnie and I both shed a little tear), heartwarming and silly festive fun – in other words, perfect family viewing! We recommend!

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