Welcome to Student Nannies!

Written by Tracey Blake

Hi, we’re so glad you’ve dropped by – albeit virtually. Whether you’re a student or a parent we hope that this blog will…

Inform you – we’ll share our favorite talking points from the day’s news with you
Help you – we’ll offer tips on everything from breakfast hacks to ideas on what to do with kids in the rain
Make you sniggle (that’s a cross between a giggle and a snigger) – we’re going to share all the crazy stuff that happens in the world of a juggling, struggling working parent so you know you’re not alone when you head to work with a nappy stuck to the back of your coat or leave your house looking like it has been ransacked after the school run

We hope you enjoy our posts – please do join in the conversation by commenting if you have a minute to spare!

The Student Nannies Team