What’s it like being a Student Nanny?

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Want to know what working as a Student Nanny might entail, what you can expect to earn and what it’ll be like looking after kids? Here’s the low down from Student Nannies’ HQ…

It’s flexible
Founder Tracey had the idea for Student Nannies when she accidentally hired an art student to look after her children and realised what a brilliant fit parents and students were. You can work hours that fit around your studies and your social life.

What are the most popular times?
We’ve noticed that after-school slots (about 3pm til 6 or 7pm) from Tuesday to Thursday are very in demand. Meaning you can go to your lectures, do a few hours’ work, then still go out in the evening. A lot of working parents also need help in the school holidays (conveniently when you’re on holiday too!) and are after flexible support on an ad hoc basis – occasional evening babysitting and maybe the odd Sunday morning. Essentially you are an extra pair of hands – there to help make the childcare juggle a bit less of a struggle!

What would I have to do?

A lot of parents need someone to collect their kids from school or after school club. You may then take them to a club like swimming, football or gymnastics or take them home via the park. At home they’ll need a snack and some playtime (kicking a ball around the garden/craft/baking/Scrabble/Lego) then you can help them with their homework and make them tea. You don’t have to be a top-notch chef – kids like basics like fish fingers and chips, pasta and pesto and pizza (check out this story on the BBC Good Food site for inspiration – or the parents may leave you home-cooked meals to heat up. Then it’s time for PJs and story time!

Do I need any childcare qualifications?
No, you don’t need any official paperwork to babysit. Some of our students already have DBS checks (whether it’s from swim coaching or working at summer camps) but if you don’t have one the parent interested in hiring you can pay for you to have one done through Student Nannies. It’s a good idea to emphasise any babysitting experience you’ve had in the past – whether it’s looking after siblings, cousins or for local families. Ideally you’ll be confident around children and enjoy spending time with these hilarious little people. Parents just want their kids to be happy and safe, spending time with a kind, sensible student who’s a good role model. They know you’re not a childcare professional – they love that their kids can hang out with inspiring art students, drama students, medics, rocket scientists and linguists.

What can I expect to earn?
We recommend that parents pay an hourly rate that reflects babysitting rates in the area. In London that seems to be around £10-£12 an hour. In other areas it’s more like £8 an hour. Parents and students negotiate their own rates and it should NEVER be below the minimum wage.

Do you take a commission?
No, Student Nannies keep every penny of the money they earn, we do NOT take a commission on your hourly pay.

Will it be fun?
Er, do you know how bonkers children are, how wild their imaginations are and how fulfilling it is hanging out with them? Don’t take our word for it… over to Student Nanny Chloe, a Cardiff uni graduate.
‘Oh my goodness there are so many funny things that happen every day when you look after kids! But I think my favourite is the time I heard five-year-old Monty screaming, “It’s stuck, it’s stuck!” I rushed over to find him with his arm lodged down the radiator cover. I unstuck his arm and asked him what on earth he was doing, at which point he looked at me as though I was completely stupid and said, “I was looking for snacks”.’

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