Why we need to celebrate honest parenting #fishfingergate

Written by Tracey Blake

A story in a certain newspaper caused a lot of controversy this week – it asked why so many bloggers were celebrating their parenting fails and struggles. If you didn’t read it you can see it here. The writer wasn’t happy about mums talking about ‘adult headaches’, and ‘potty mouthed ranting about their kids online’ and she attempted to name and shame some of the most successful mum bloggers of the moment – Hurrah for Gin (Katie), Scummy Mummies (Helen and Ellie) and Don’t Buy Her Flowers (Steph Douglas) and Mother of All Lists (Clemmie Telford) for celebrating being ‘bad mums’.

And it made me bloody furious (there I go with my potty mouth). The very reason why these bloggers have been so popular (watch their books soaring up the charts after the Daily Mail piece!) is because they are telling the truth. They are people who happen to be mums, they’ve had careers and they are not obsessed about being a perfect homemaker/baker/competitive parent, they just want to enjoy their kids, work and embrace the chaos. And, crucially, they see the funny side of it. Because let’s face it, being a parent is pretty ridiculous sometimes.

There are days when you are either being sprayed with poo, wee and vomit or are cleaning it off various surfaces including yourself; when the tantrums come so regularly that you have one yourself; when the childcare challenge becomes so challenging that you have a little weep; when you fall asleep in an important meeting because you’re so knackered; when you have to deliver a pitch on the phone to your boss while combing the nits out of your child’s hair.

I’m thrilled that these brave and brilliant women are telling it like it is and making me laugh out loud with their tales of maternal mayhem. I am certainly not going to judge because it’s stories like these that keep me sane and reassure me that I’m not struggling alone. I’m right beside you ladies, and yes, it’s definitely gin o’clock – I’ve been up with a puking boy since 4am this morning!

Keep up the wonderful work and let’s have a big whoop for #honestparenting